5 Tips to improve the privacy of your deck

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When you build a new deck, you are making a decision to spend more time outside.  And, in all likelihood, you are looking for a way to spend that time outside with friends and family in a private setting.  Here are some steps that you can take as you are planning and constructing your deck that will allow you to enjoy your new investment while protecting your privacy.  Here are a few key tips:

  1. Use Evergreens.  Evergreens can be very large and they do a fantastic job at blocking the view of others.  You can find evergreens in different shapes, sizes and colors.  The ability to use the many diverse types of evergreens to craft an element of privacy that is specific to your deck’s needs makes this tip one of the best.  Evergreens are sure-fire way of providing that privacy that you need.
  2. Add a privacy fence.  This is is one of the more obvious ways of providing the privacy that you need.  A privacy fence provides for a “custom fit” that is appropriate for your home.  You can build the fence at the size that is in line with your needs.  Also, a great looking privacy fence can be a nice asset for the home.
  3. Leverage an existing tree.  Maybe, you don’t need to plant anything new.  Maybe, you don’t need evergreens. Start by using your home’s current assets:  your trees.  If you already have trees on your property, perhaps, you can use them as the basis for where your deck needs to be built.  It could be a nice touch for your deck to incorporate the deck into the ambiance of the existing environment.  However, as a word of caution about using trees, get to know the tree first – before you commit to this plan.  Understand the life span of a tree.  You don’t want to invest in a deck leveraging a tree that is at the end of it’s life.  That could present a disaster for your investment!
  4. Use plants and hanging baskets.  Hanging baskets – if placed properly – can be a nice way of providing that extra layer of privacy, shielding others from being able to interfere with your privacy.
  5. Add a nice fountain to provide a noise barrier.  When we think about privacy, we frequently think visual.  But, what if you don’t want others to listen in on the conversations of your family and friends?  Perhaps, adding a nice fountain or a water feature can be the touch that you need.   A water feature can allow you to enjoy your auditory privacy.  Also, a water feature can shield you from the sounds of busy streets that might interfere with your enjoyment of your new investment.

Decks can be a great way to help you enjoy you enjoy your home in a way that you haven’t been able to before.  By taking the right steps, you can provide an extra layer of privacy that will allow you to get more out of your investment.



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