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Many people embark upon a bathroom remodeling project without all of the facts.  You might have a vision of what you want the bathroom to look like.  But, there are so many factors involved:  budgets, design considerations, plumbing considerations, and many more.  As you are formulating your plan for that bathroom overhaul, here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you save money and ensure that your design is modern and works for you:

  1. Understand the costs. It’s not cheap to carry out a bathroom remodeling project.  Depending on the materials that you use and the features that you want to incorporate, the price of a bathroom remodeling can be very costly.
  2. Ensure that the toilet is not “centerpiece” of the bathroom. Obviously, the toilet is a key part of any bathroom.  But, let’s face it:  it’s probably not your most aesthetically pleasing bathroom feature!  Therefore, you might not want to make it the most visible feature in your bathroom.  Consider using smart corners or doors to provide a slight concealment to this important feature.
  3. Don’t forget good shower storage. Frequently, bathroom remodelers forget to provide good storage.  You need a sufficient amount of storage to hold all of those bottles of shampoo, conditioner, razor and soap.  In-wall shelving is an even better solution.  This provides an added layer and professionalism and class to your remodeling project.
  4. Add a curved shower rod. This is definitely a tip that most people don’t think about.  While this is a small feature compared with the cost of a remodel, just adding a curved shower rod – versus a straight one – is a small step toward providing more space for your new bathroom remodeling project.
  5. Update your lighting. You don’t want to devote the money and effort to nail down that perfect bathroom remodel and still have outdated fixtures.  Lighting is a critical but under-rated part of any remodeling project.  Modern fixtures can even take a lackluster remodeling project and make it look better.  So, make sure that you don’t forget this critical component to any remodeling project.
  6. Don’t get in over your head. Remodeling a bathroom is a huge project, potentially.  A major overhaul is not something that you want to take on without a licensed professional.  You need someone who is in the trenches on a daily basis.  If you find yourself in way over your head, you have to be able to know when to call.  And, you have to not be afraid to call!

There are a few key components that you need to keep in mind when remodeling your bathroom.  Keep these things in mind and you will be well on your way to success!



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