Kraftmaid, Ikea and Other Brands in Kitchen Cabinets

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There are a lot of different names in the world of kitchen and bathroom design. When you start to look for cabinets you will get hit with a number of brands in this marketplace. Finding which one will fit your needs best is a matter of looking for different opinions on the matter. If you’re trying to figure out which will be the ultimate solution for your needs, you will want to cycle through Kraftmaid and other brands in kitchen cabinets before you decide on any given solution. A brief rundown of some of the top names could help with this process, and when it comes time to choose, make sure that you have a contractor ready to help you with the installation process.


The first major company people think of is that of Kraftmaid. For over 40 years they have been one of the top names in home remodeling. They are made in the United States and advertise that they keep attention to the little things, investing a great deal into the American workforce. As for their products, they range from low cost solutions to high end, and they focus on “build to order” solutions. Reviews are promising for this brand, although they carry some detractors as well, but that could be said about most major suppliers in regards to home, and interior design.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

One of the standard names in home interior decorating is that of Ikea. The big joke with them is putting their furniture together, as it could be a complicated mess. Most people find it to be an arduous task, but when it comes to their kitchen cabinets, you will not need an Allen wrench to get things done. Instead, you can order a number of products and have them delivered to your home with or without the installation done by them. There are fans and detractors in regards to this brand with commentary running on either side of the proverbial coin.


Another leader in the industry and one that focuses on environmentally sound solutions is that of Merillat. Touted as “America’s Cabinetmaker” They are an American company that builds custom solutions and has a good overall reputation for quality. Since 1946, they have been a major player in the world of renovations and remodeling.


Moores is a UK company that has been working with interiors for over 60 years. They have given a great deal of time and effort into crafting cabinets and their reputation of high quality precedes them. Whether you want custom made designs or you want standard solutions they have options for all budgets.

Quality Cabinets

For over 40 years Quality Cabinets has made a name for itself with quality cabinet design. They are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association and make custom cabinetry for homes of all sizes. They promote visual design flow for any room and any project that you can think of in the remodeling sector.

The above are just some of the brands that are popular in regards to kitchen cabinets. Aside from Kraftmaid, there are numerous solutions that you can explore, so don’t feel that you’re stuck with only one style, brand or option.



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