White Kitchen Cabinets or Cherry: Which is Best?

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There are a lot of different solutions that you can explore in regards to your kitchen cabinets. When inspiration finds you, there may be an internal dialogue that you have in regards to whether or not you should go with white kitchen cabinets or cherry, and ultimately what is best is the hardest question to answer. At first glance, this may seem like an easy thing to understand, it’s a matter of preference and taste. That’s easy to say, but when you break things down a little. In order to understand what option is worth your investment, consider some quick notes on the topic of this debate that is often times heard with interior designers and homeowners alike.

White Kitchen Cabinets Allow For Versatility

Amidst a lot of décor specialists, you will find that their pick is white. White cabinets offer a bit more versatility in terms of painting, contrast, and more. For instance, you could have white doors and black handles, with black stone countertops. This sort of contrasting color palette is not the only choice. You could easily cycle through colors that are bright and airy, and the visual aesthetic will flow through a number of options. This is in complete opposite of what you may expect with cherry options. Some designers even state that the design flow of white is modern, and stylish compared to darker undertones that end up permeating wood.

Wood finishes are even said to be something of a relic from the early 1990s. This may come with a debate, but it’s something that many will find to be true. If you have a kitchen that has a great deal of bright light from the outside, with windows and frames that are already in place with light colors, then perhaps white is a good choice overall.

An Argument For Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry cabinets are elegant, stylish, and lend themselves well to proper lighting. Interior track lighting, or solutions that use artificial illumination versus large windows pair well with this option. Dark woods can look sleek, and pressed up against certain color countertops, you’ll find that they can be quite interesting to play with in terms of design flow. Matching appliances, flooring, and fixtures with darker woods can be fun and stylish, but the choices may be limited at the same time. In terms of Mondrian art design, this is definitely something to consider, as dark woods can allow for a more stylish and modern design, especially for those that are living in a high tech world.

Is one better than the other? That’s hard to quantify into a simple answer. The raw materials can be of a grand quality either way. There are plenty of lackluster cabinets in each color, so to state that one is better is a matter of looking at what they are comprised of at the core. Lower cost solutions could have pressed sawdust, painted over to mimic solid wood styles easily. The ultimate answer is a matter of preference and professional installation, as both options can have a solid argument.



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