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At K2, we know the kitchen is for so much more than cooking. One night you’ll order pizza and the next you’ll create a culinary masterpiece. You’ll frequently entertain, but most nights you’ll need a comfy place for a quiet conversation and a glass of wine.  Our lives unfold and our memories need to last.  A beautifully remodeled kitchen can bring this all together. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you need some help, K2 can design a kitchen meant just for you.

Explore some of our work for inspiration.  Let’s design something together.

Let our kitchen design experts help you design the kitchen of your dreams.   In kitchen design projects with our customers, we focus on unique custom experiences for each kitchen.  And, we always have the goal of connecting you , the customer, with the perfect kitchen to fit your home.

Our designers focus on unique designs.  And, we know that you want a kitchen designed to meet the unique features for your home.  We look at every component of a kitchen to arrive at a unique design for each customer.

When creating designs for our customers, key design elements such as cabinets are critical to a successful design experience and process.  We will provide you with creative kitchen cabinet ideas to complete a great design project.  Our process involves spending time with you, gaining a deep understanding of your personal preferences for the project.   And, when you let us know what you are interested in doing, we go out of our way to make it work.  Want white cabinets or wood cabinets?  No problem.  We can make it work!

When looking to buy kitchen cabinets, many customers don’t focus on small details like kitchen cabinet doors.   Great design projects are successful only with a great attention to detail.  That kitchen cabinet door can make all the difference.  Getting the right kitchen cabinet door can properly accent  cabinets and make a project perfect.  The K2 team’s attention to detail really makes all the difference.

As a consumer, we know you are mindful of cost.  We balance the perfect design with affordable solutions – providing you with the best kitchen  design at a fair price.

Whether you are looking for that new kitchen look or you have an old kitchen and are looking for a modern kitchen design, we have the design for you at K2 Bath Design.

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